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Facility Overview

Isostatic Toll Services Bilbao SL is a brand new dedicated HIP facility located in Abanto Zierbena municipality in Biskaia.  The facility is equipped with two identical AIP52 units with full duplication of key components:

  • Two High-Pressure Compressors
  • Two Molybdenum Furnaces
  • Two Vacuum Pumps
  • Two Cryogenic pumps
  • Two Gas Chromatographs

Each furnace is controlled by 18 Type “N” thermocouples, divided into 6 zones. 1 thermocouple for controlling and 2 for monitoring.  Each zone is controlled by a dedicated transformer via a dedicated PLC.  The furnaces are classified Type D - Class 4 as per AMS 2750 Rev G.

The facility is operated by a solid team of Basque people, that have received extensive training in the US and coaching on site on processes, procedures, hardware, software

ITS Bilbao values and protects its “know how” and respects those of our customers.

ITS Bilbao is NADCAP/AS9100 certified as well as being having source approval from Rolls Royce, ITP, Safran, Pratt and Whitney, and Honeywell.


two systems

Unit 1 Ø1092 x2570mm

Operational since 20th December 2019                               

Unit Nr2 Ø1092 x 2570mm

Operational since 20th January 2023

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ITS Bilbao has been certified to EN9100 standards as well as NADCAP by PRI.  Click to see our quality certificates and learn more about our supplier flow down.

American Made

ITS Bilbao features the HIP systems of American Isostatic Presses, the only American made HIP manufacturer in the world.

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